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Local country singer-songwriter JJ Brown will perform a song dedicated to veterans on Saturday.

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HANFORD — JJ Brown joined the U.S. Navy when he was 19, and the experience was the catalyst behind a new song he wrote dedicated to all veterans.

“Veterans Day is a big holiday for us veterans. It’s like a birthday,” Brown said. “It reminds us that we are not alone. So I wanted to do something special to pay tribute to my veteran family.”

Brown, a county singer-songwriter living in Hanford, will release his newest single, called “nineteen19,” this Veterans Day to honor all those who have served.

Brown served for five years, including time overseas while on board the USS Enterprise and the USS Nimitz attached to VFA-14 at Naval Air Station Lemoore.

“I had the choice to move to Nashville or join the military,” Brown said. “I did the honorable thing and chose to do something bigger than myself.”

Brown describes “nineteen19” as a fun, story-telling song that talks about the good and bad experiences he had while serving in the Navy during the War Against Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He said he met a lot of friends in the Navy that he traveled the world with and who became like family to him. He said the song is a way to honor those he served with, the community and all veterans alike.

While the song remains mostly light and fun, Brown said it does reach into the heart of the listener when it speaks about the darkness of war. He said while the song details his personal story, he knows other veterans will relate to it.

“It’s not just a Navy song, it’s a veteran’s song,” Brown said

Brown has opened up about his feelings surrounding veterans and war in previous songs, but Brown said “nineteen19” has quickly become a crowd favorite with its catchy melodies.

As a special tribute, Brown asked local veterans to send him copies of their service pictures and he is planning to unveil a music video with the photos.

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