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Lemoore Chamber of Commerce CEO Jenny MacMurdo hands a certificate of graduation to Young Entrepreneurs Academy student Kevin Gong on May 25.

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LEMOORE — The Lemoore Chamber of Commerce is looking to fill a position, after CEO Jenny MacMurdo announced she leaving to take the helm of the Carmel Chamber of Commerce.

“The four years that I have worked here at this job, and in this community, have been the most restorative, enjoyable years of my life,” MacMurdo said in her final column in the Chamber’s June newsletter. “I met many passionate business owners, staunchly loyal community members, and wonderful NASL transplants. Lemoore has a big heart, and it won’t be soon forgotten.”

MacMurdo was hired as the organization’s events coordinator in October 2013 and then appointed as interim CEO in April 2014 when her predecessor, Maureen Azevedo, went on medical leave. She was then made the official CEO in August 2014.

In her three years as CEO, MacMurdo said she has seen a tremendous growth for the organization across all boards, including new programs and the highest number of members the organization has seen in six years. The program she is most proud to have helped start was the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Brittany Reece, membership coordinator and YEA program manager, said it has been great to have MacMurdo’s mentorship over the last year she’s worked at the Chamber, and is grateful to MacMurdo for letting her take on the YEA program.

“I really feel like she’s brought a positive light and a positive image to the Chamber,” Reece said. “She’s also been a great advocate for small businesses.”

MacMurdo said the Chamber has really “stepped-up its game” in the last few years and thinks the reputation of the organization in the community is also at an all-time high. She said she’s gotten to know so many great people in Lemoore, it’s bittersweet for her to say goodbye.

Events coordinator Brenda Martin said the Chamber became “better structured and more professional” when MacMurdo took over, and she did an “amazing job” of getting it up to date with other chamber organizations by hosting mixers and creating an ambassador program.

“Overall, it was great having her,” Martin said. “She paved the way for things to stay in effect. Our future looks very bright.”

Creating a “world-class organization” is what MacMurdo said she strived for in her time in Lemoore, and she’s excited about leaving the Chamber in a “really good place” because she knows the Chamber will be in good hands when she leaves.

“Brenda and I are excited to bring on a new team-member,” Reece said. “We’re going to keep the momentum going.”

MacMurdo said she has been really pleased with both the Chamber’s staff and board of directors; she called Reece and Martin “top-notch,” and said the board always fostered an environment of education and support in the work they did.

“Jenny has not only been great for the Chamber, but for the city as a whole,” said board chairman William Parry.

Parry called MacMurdo a “smart and energetic CEO” who helped with the “growth and revitalization” of the organization over the last three years. The board’s next step is to find an interim CEO to fill in until the end of August, after which they will begin a search for a permanent CEO.

Parry said he’s looking ahead to the future of the Chamber, which still has two “smart and excellent” staff members in Reece and Martin. He said he looks forward to continuing programs like YEA, and events like the Christmas Parade and Pizza Festival. He also said a new event heading to Lemoore will be Octoberfest in the fall.

MacMurdo’s last official day with the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce is on June 15, and she will start her new job at the end of the month. Reece, Martin and Parry said they were sorry to see MacMurdo go, but wish her nothing but good luck on her new endeavor.

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