The first high speed rail system in the nation by 2029.

Since moving to Hanford about three years ago, I have heard and read a lot about this train. but I am embarrassed to say, I do not quite get it. 

We are supposed to be able to ride this train eventually going from San Francisco to the north to Los Angeles to the South traveling at a speed up to 220 MPH using the least amount of energy.

I have gone to Los Angeles area and Orange County Area via AmTrack, which will only allow me to ride it as far as Bakersfield then transfer to a bus that will take me to Los Angeles, because the train is unable to go over the mountain range.

Now my question to myself is, how is this new hi speed train going to do what AmTrack can not do. I have seen diagrams on the route of this train but I will have not been able to figure out how it is going to get over that mountain From here in Hanford where am I going to board this train? And if is going 220 mph, how is going to stop at the various towns without loosing a lot of time.

It is going to take a long time to lay the tracks here in Central Calif. We have a lot of room to accommodate these tracks, but once you leave Bakersfield it is almost impossible to find enough room between all the new homes, business all most all the way to San Diego. I wish I could talk to the planners of this project so they could answer all my questions. I am not sure that there is anyone at the present time that can do this. S far the cost is proposed at 68Billion for 520 miles of train system, with a contingency allow of 11 billion  Analysis suggest the cost my go up to 150 billion. Bet me. Construction continues on the viaduct over Fresno River in Madera as costs and problems continue to go up.

The Tuolumne St. Bridge in Fresno is being down down to be replaced with a taller two-way span to accommodate this rail system.

I lived in Mass. during the Big Dig in down-town Boston. The cost and problems excallated on a daily basis. With the final cost being about 10 times as much as originally Estimated, and more traffic problems that any one could Have guessed. I hope that this High Speed rail does not encounter these Problems. I do not think I will live long enough to be able to ride This train. I can only be thankful that I was able to ride On the Bullet Train in Japan and the one in France. At least I know what it is like

Marlene diNicola


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