Curb appeal is an understatement for the Koelewyn residence. Heavy traffic, cars and walkers go by this eye catching jewel on a daily basis.

Tommy and Sharon Koelewyn have owned this very well-maintained and fascinating piece of Hanford for 46 years. Tommy is the owner of ‘Sportsman’s Barber Shop’ and his place of business is right out front of the attractive property.

Sharon boasts of the daffodils and tulips that stand out on a spring day. A tranquil view can be taken in for those of us that love to see such displays as we travel by. The front yard has stately aged vitex trees. These were planted expressly to protect the yard from cars driving on their property. As Tommy expressed, once there were no sidewalks to protect an individual’s property.

Brick is the embellishment on the entire property. The brick used on the house was taken from a drug store in the city of Tulare. All of the brick laid for walkways and patios have been added by the Koelewyns over the years.

One must linger in both the front and back gardens to take in every aspect of the delightful mix of plants, brick, seating and accents throughout the landscape. Many types of trees are found throughout. Japanese blackberry, carob, crape myrtles, Oklahoma redbud, silk oak, strawberry, California pepper, pistachio and various palms contribute to the list. Of course, a great mix of plantings accent the beds.

Parts of history are strategically placed throughout the gardens. Examples of these are a Fresno Scraper, a well used plow, a water hand pump just to mention a few. Birdhouses are a favorite of Tommy’s, most have a tale to be told.

Sharon said that when they purchased the home, many azaleas adorned the landscape. Due to the water changes over the years with too much salt, most of the lovely plants have been lost. A few are still holding on, but soon will be lovingly replaced with adaptive plants.

The back garden is an amazing, picture-perfect example of the love and care the Koelewyn's give to this welcoming home. The patio cover built many years ago provides protection for the newly added dining table. Wood rescued and used for this wonderful piece came from Lindsey High School bleachers; another story adding character behind the features of this appealing place.

A trip to the Fresno Home and Garden Show gave the couple the inspiration to add the putting green. This addition is a fun activity for Tommy and the grandkids.

This garden is apparently a valuable part of daily life for this family. As most homeowners, the Koelewyn's showcase their personality and goals through the surroundings in which they live.

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