Kahn front garden

Mature elm and a magnolia tree frame the front of the expansive property on Grangeville Boulevard.


This lovely property is a standout while traveling west on Grangeville Boulevard.

This magnificent late Victorian country home catches one's eye for many reasons. You can always count on it being decorated with the current holiday dressings enhancing the front porch. The manicured hedges accented with the Iceberg tree roses, very mature elm trees and a beautiful magnolia standing guard in the front of the property. Trees are represented in many varieties. Some trees have been there many, many years; others planted by Jan and Jenny Kahn. The edibles are favorites that have been chosen and used by the family.

Another standout is the flowering quince along with crab apple trees on the east edge of the front yard. Crape myrtle is repeated throughout the landscape as well as many old standard varieties that enhance this large garden. The original arbor that is covered with ivy and trumpet vine is a beautiful attraction. It has been maintained and extended, making it a perfect entrance to the gardens. You will notice a fun play area for the grandkids, which was added a few years ago, before entering the garden and pool area.

The very large pool was built when the Kahns moved into their home in 1978. This area invites activity and provides a wonderful view of more fruit trees behind the large old barn. Don’t miss the pony by the back fence! Enjoy the vegetable garden, which is a favorite place for Jenny, who loves to plant vegetables for the family to enjoy. Of course there are razzleberry bushes, crape myrtle and other plantings to frame the raised planting boxes. It will take some time to explore the rambling footpaths that will take you around the entire back and side gardens. Find the swing among the other features that contribute to your experience in this special landscape.

You will be amazed to see the evolution of some of the mature plants. Elephant ears, privets, mulberry trees and camellias are just a few of the plantings that make up the west side of the garden. There is an outdoor kitchen with lots of seating for family and friends that is protected by huge trees and shrubs. This a perfect place on a hot day, or any time for that matter!

This property provides a very peaceful, relaxing feeling that can make you smile. Sadly, Jenny said that one of the large elm trees and some other trees are failing. If plants love where they are planted and thrive they last many years. As a bush is allowed to grow into a tree, sometimes the under plantings either adapt or new plants that need shade join the landscape.

The Kahn garden is a wonderful showplace for our entire community that adds beauty to our busy lives!

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