Butane honey oil lab found

William Cox


The Kings County Narcotic Task Force conducted a probation search and marijuana compliance check Friday at 7184 Hanford Armona Road.

Investigators discovered and seized a functioning and active butane honey oil lab on the property. The Fresno Meth Task Force laboratory team was called out to make the lab safe and properly dispose of any hazardous chemicals and materials.

Investigators also report they discovered and seized a small amount of methamphetamine and a firearm.

While investigators were on the property, they found a marijuana grow and determined it was illegal. There were approximately 173 marijuana plants at the residence. As a result, it was reported that approximately 460 pounds of marijuana plants were seized and destroyed.

Task force members arrested William Franklin Cox on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine and other drug charges. He was booked into the Kings County Jail.

Law enforcement officials warn that butane honey oil labs are a danger to the community because of the potential injury to the public and public safety personnel from an explosion in the lab.

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