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Reorganization of Council

Sue Sorensen, second from left, speaks Tuesday night after being nominated as vice mayor of the Hanford City Council for the second straight year. David Ayers, far left, was also nominated for a second year as mayor.

Julissa Zavala, The Sentinel

HANFORD — At the end of its regular meeting on Tuesday night, the Hanford City Council held its annual reorganization, but there will be no changes going into 2018.

Councilman Francisco Ramirez nominated incumbent David Ayers as mayor, which was unanimously accepted. Councilman Martin Devine then nominated Sue Sorensen to remain vice mayor, which was also unanimously accepted.

Sorensen said people may not realize the amount of work it takes to be the mayor of a city, so she thanked Ayers for being responsible, professional and respectful steward of the city and Council.

Ayers, who has been a councilman for 15 years, said the Council may disagree at times, but he finds diversity to be a good thing and is glad they have been able to make important decisions together.

“I really enjoy my community, I’m very proud of my community, I’m proud of the staff and citizenry,” Ayers said. “I think at this particular time, we do have a very good team in place and because of that we’re getting things done.”

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