HANFORD — The deadline to turn in nomination papers for the Hanford City Council District D recall election is Nov. 9, and there are already three qualifying candidates who intend to run.

Hanford City Clerk Jennifer Gomez said Shelli Barker, Paula Massey and Diane Sharp have all filed nomination papers and have qualified to have their names on the Jan. 23, 2018, recall election ballot.

Gomez said former councilman and mayor Lou Martinez just pulled nomination papers on Thursday and will also be on the ballot if he turns in all his forms by the Nov. 9 deadline.

District D’s incumbent, Councilman Francisco Ramirez, could potentially be recalled after enough signatures to warrant a recall election were gathered from registered voters in his district a few months ago.

The voters will be asked two questions on their ballots; the first question will ask whether or not voters want to recall Ramirez, and the second question will ask who they would want to replace Ramirez if he were to be recalled.

If the first question passes with 50 percent plus one, then the replacement candidate with the highest number of votes would win the council seat and be sworn at the next council meeting after the results are certified.

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