A Kings County Sheriff's deputy has been arrested on charges of embezzlement and planting evidence, authorities said Sunday.

Nicholas Ray Simpson, 33, is in custody following a felony investigation by the county District Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice. Sheriff Dave Robinson told The Sentinel that these charges stem from an on-duty incident involving the deputy, but did not elaborate further.

Robinson said officials plan to hold a press conference on Monday to publicly address the charges against Simpson, who is being held at the Kings County Jail in lieu of $105,000 bail.

Records show that he is accused of fraud, embezzlement by an officer, petty theft and planting evidence.

More details will be released as they become available.

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lol, DOJ needs to investigate more Deputies than just this one! They also need to investigate some members of HPD for the same thing and drugs. I know the general public tends to have a major dislike for law enforcement, but Ive seen evidence myself! C'mon DOJ, do yo job! Investigate them all!!


It's a shame that the actions of a few give a "black eye" to the majority. There are a lot of good peace officers out there.


This is shameful if the charges are true.


The action of a few, was on who's watch!!!!


I don't think it matters who's watch it was on but that it was caught. Obviously he had been at it for some time for the Department to become suspicious and set up a sting. I congratulate those in charge for setting up this crooked cop and taking him out from stealing from the public and most likely from the Dept. and taxpayers. Good job KCSO.


Good Job Sheriff Robinson,the prior Sheriff would have swept it under his desk to get lost untill it was forgotten.

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