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Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) aboard Naval Air Station Lemoore (NASL) is currently looking for volunteers to help run the various programs that it offers.

The changes that have occurred to its programs this year combined with many of its current volunteers undergoing a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) in the near future, has left the NMCRS with many positions to be filled.

The idea of volunteering may seem daunting to many who are are currently balancing children and deployment cycles, but NMCRS director Jeanes Cunningham says that there are a lot of positives to helping the Society. NMCRS offers compensation for child care and also honors standard mileage rates determined by the Internal Revenue Service; the 2018 rate is 14 cents per mile driven in service for charitable organizations.

“We offer training for all of our positions,” said Cunningham. “Commitment can be small, even just a few hours a week, but we are looking for volunteers who can be consistent and reliable.”

In recent months, including this past week, the NMCRS Thrift Shop on base was unable to open due to lack of volunteers. The current Thrift Shop lead, who has run the shop for almost two years, will be moving. Cunningham said that they would like to recruit someone as soon as possible to train as a replacement.

The Society is also looking for caseworkers to counsel clients who are in need of financial assistance. Due to the limit that has been placed on Quick Assist Loans, more financial counseling is being done, which is more time-consuming.

Training to be a caseworker is done at NMCRS for free, and it involves a combination of online training and casework observation.

“Volunteer Caseworkers receive certification, which can be transferred to other locations when they move. There is an NMCRS office at most Navy and Marine Corps bases. This is a great experience to have on your resume,” Cunningham added.

Volunteers can also handle communications, which involves briefing Family Readiness Groups, ombudsman and commands on NMCRS services.

Sue Woodard and Jennifer Bonine, the co-chairmen of volunteers at the Society, handle recruitment, training, scheduling, and administrative duties. They can be reached at 998-4045 or at the NMCRS office at 822 Hancock Circle.

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