The Fist of the Fleet of Strike Fighter Squadron Two Five (VFA-25) recently returned home from a two week detachment embarked on USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

The USS Nimitz, commanded by Capt. John C. Ring, was commissioned on May 3, 1975 and is approaching 40 years of naval service.

VFA-25 got underway with 60 sailors and 11 pilots, with an emphasis on initial and refresher flight deck qualifications for our maintenance professionals and maintaining proficiency for squadron pilots in the carrier operating environment.

The detachment was highly successful, culminating in the day and night requalification of all pilots assigned. The squadron made efficient use of the short time at sea, jumping at every training opportunity to share knowledge related to shipboard operations.

Many sailors gained exposure to high tempo flight deck operations for the first time, receiving valuable training on managing mission requirements while balancing the hazards associated with working on the aircraft carrier.

VFA-25’s commitment to excellence and professionalism led to the flawless execution of 54 day and night traps, regaining currency for all.

The hard work of Fist of the Fleet sailors ensures VFA-25 sustains increased readiness and expertise critical to any successful work up cycle and deployment.