The Fleet and Family Support Center held their second annual international potluck on Sept. 16 at the Community Services Building. Everyone was welcome to bring a dish and come meet with other base residents from the international community. 

There was a diverse arrangement of food and attendees from all over the world. Among the dishes on display were cheesy potatoes from the United Kingdom, corn and cheese empanadas from Argentina, bierocks from Germany and kuchen from Chile, just to name a few.

The afternoon proved to be kid friendly as well, with the incorporation of a few games and prizes testing everyone’s knowledge of geography and foreign languages. One contest, Lotería, was a bingo style game hailing from Mexico. Another was “Guess the country flag," with trivia that proved rather challenging for a few attendees.

Younger kids were able to make fans and decorate them with their own artistic touch.

This year's crowd was smaller than the inaugural potluck, but attendees said this just served to make the event more intimate. 

One attendee, a Navy spouse originally from Argentina, said this was a great opportunity to really chat with other people in the base community. 

The event was organized by Cindy Roland, one of FFSC's work and family life specialists.

"The goal was to bring out the different cultures we have in our community," Roland said. "We wanted to give people the opportunity to come together and share their culture." 

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