The spouses of Naval Air Station Lemoore came together on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 10, for a whirlwind tradition that provides sweets and treats – and a bit of holiday cheer – to the single sailors, chiefs, officers and those “geobacheloring” away from their families.

Each year, thousands of cookies are whipped up and delivered to the NAS Lemoore Barracks, Combined Bachelor Quarters and Bachelor Officer Quarters.

In a matter of minutes, the dozens of volunteers swooped in and distributed over 6,000 cookies into designated tin containers.

“It was a really good turnout this year. We had almost 100 percent participation from the squadrons and the other base spouse groups, including the CAGs, Naval Hospital Lemoore, the Wing, and SAR,” said Elaine Hourigan, coordinator of this year’s event.

In addition to thousands of cookies, other donations made the event a success. According to Hourigan, the Weapons School wives donated candy canes. Also, multiple monetary donations covered the supplies for this year and preliminary supplies for next year.

Excess monetary donations will be used to purchase diapers and toiletries to be given to the Base Chapel's food pantry.

Lisa Emme, who attended the Cookie Brigade for the first time this year, was impressed by the streamlining and organization of the event.

“Elaine made it look easy. I thought she did a really good job,” she said. “When events go well, someone is orchestrating in the background to make it go well.”

But for Hourigan, it’s really all about the community.

“It’s a longstanding tradition, to get together and provide a homey feel,” she said, noting that this event has been held every year since at least 2005. “We hope they find a cookie their mom or grandma may have made. Something to make them feel at home, special, cared about.”

“Something as simple as a cookie can mean a lot. My heart goes out to people who are alone at the holidays,” Emme said. “I hope that a small gesture like that means more than the cookie. It means ‘we are thinking about you.’ We are all one big family, really.”

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