Capt. David James

Capt. David James

This week, as we gather to recount the blessings of freedom and prosperity that we enjoy as American citizens, it is important that we do not overlook the sacrifice and contributions of those who serve in the Armed Forces. Some are not home with their families this Thanksgiving because they are standing the watch. For that we are thankful. Not just this day, but every day, we thank you, the men and women of Naval Air Station Lemoore and your families. So much of what we have to be thankful for as a nation is linked to your service.

We now find ourselves in the sixteenth year of combat deployments that have stressed our forces and families. We are thankful for the dedication of our military and their families. The world would be a different place without the unselfish men and women who serve and have served in the Armed Forces during times of peace as well as times of war. Our freedoms, our heritage and our way of life are made possible because of them. Their dedication to duty and willingness to serve truly reflects the best in our nation. There is no better time than now to recognize the families that support our military and give thanks for their remarkable sacrifice that enables us to accomplish our mission.

Today, thousands of service members, including many from NAS Lemoore, are deployed around the world. As you celebrate with your friends and families, please take a moment to remember those who are currently serving in harm's way. Keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Additionally, look out for friends and co-workers who are unable to celebrate this holiday season with family. While there is no place like home, you may be able to provide a few hours of warmth and friendship over a home-cooked meal.

Whether serving in uniform or as a civilian, you are fighting and working every day to secure for all Americans the blessings that we celebrate on Thanksgiving. I hope that wherever you are, you take a moment to reflect on the vital role you play in defending our nation and our values, and take pride in the contribution you have made to help make America more safe and secure.

We know that for service members on deployment and their families here at home, this time of year is especially difficult to be away from loved ones. However, please know that what you are doing, on this day and every day, is making a profound difference for our country. America is blessed that there are those who are willing to fight for all of us and are willing to put others ahead of themselves.

As we celebrate this holiday season, remain vigilant in looking after the safety of yourself and your family. Focus on the basics: always buckle up, do not speed, do not text while driving and do not drink and drive. Your plan for a designated driver should not be created after you have had your first drink. Drive safely and make sure you are keeping an eye out for travelers around you - especially drivers who may seem distracted or impaired. We want everyone to return from the holidays safe, rested and recharged. We appreciate your hard work and dedication and are so thankful for your service.

From your entire team here at NAS Lemoore, we send the best of holiday wishes to you and your families. You give this country its spirit and strength, and you give all of us hope and confidence for a better future. We are thankful for our nation, our families and our men and women in uniform. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

All our best to each and every one of you!

CAPT David James & Family

Commanding Officer, NAS Lemoore

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