As we’re in the start of a new year, 2017 is behind us. For many people, a new year means setting goals for themselves in hopes to improve their health, faith, and sometimes financial woes. Generally, people call those goals new year's resolutions.

In 2018, coaches and athletes from Kingsburg and Selma want to improve on many things such as becoming a better motivator, teacher, and teammate.

For Selma boys soccer coach Ruben Zamora, he wants to continue to be a motivator for his team.

“[I want] to motivate the kids and keep inspiring them to reach their goals,” Zamora said. “Most of them are seniors, so hopefully send most of to college, so they can continue to keep playing.”

Zamora also said he wants to improve as coach.

Another Selma coach that wants to improve as a leader is head wrestling coach Sam Lopez. With many kids in the wrestling program at Selma high school, Lopez said he wants to try to spend the same amount of time with every kid during practices.

“It’s hard to spread yourself out,” Lopez said. “We’re not two programs, we’re not boys and girls, we’re one Selma wrestling team and I like to know every kid’s name and I try to do that.”

Lopez said a bond between an athlete and a coach is a reason for his new year’s resolution.

“Once you build that bond, then the kids will do anything for you,” he said.

As a person, Lopez jokingly said he “probably wouldn’t cuss that much,” but also stated he’s also “mellowed out” as he gotten older.

In Kingsburg, two-sport athlete Bo Jackson wants to be a better teammate, friend and family member, but his biggest resolution has to do with his faith.

“My biggest resolution every year is to have a growing commitment to my lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Jackson said. “My commitment to him is first, sports and everything else is secondary.”

Jackson’s wrestling teammate Ty Lewis has a resolution that is based more on his health as an athlete.

“Get down from 285 to 260-265,” Lewis said. “That’ll be nice.”

Jackson and Lewis’ coach Bryce Hammond is someone that doesn’t partake in new year’s resolutions.

“I’m typically the type that has something to fix, I’ll just fix it right away,” Hammond said jokingly. “I never done a new year’s resolution, I just want to [coach] a successful program.”

As 2018 gets started, let’s hope for something great ahead for everyone this upcoming year.

To athletes, good luck as you strive for that championship and to parents, good luck to your kids on the field and in the classroom.

Let’s make 2018 a strong year for us all.

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