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It's time to say Good-bye after 38 years in business...Young Learners Preschool is closing it's doors..I want to say Thank-you to the families from Selma, Kingsburg, Fowler and beyond for sending their children for us to teach. I also want to Thank the First United Methodist Church of Selma for allowing us to use their facilities to house the preschool. Thanks also to the many supporters from the church & from the community for their commitment to making Young Learners Preschool the school it has become. A special thanks full of hugs to the other teachers who gave their love & teaching skills to the children over the years.

I “Miss” Chrissy want to Thank all the children I have taught and have fallen in love with. Many of my students have become parents and now send me their children to teach...Even after all these years, It's such a thrill when I see my former students & they remember me..After all, even though they are all grown-up, their eyes stay the same & I can recognize them.

I am always amazed when I read the paper and see the names of my students who graduate with honors, excel in sports, serve in the military, become teachers, doctors, policemen, firemen, parents, or have stayed locally and made a difference in their communities, I can proudly say, “they are Young Learner Graduates.” Then I'm reminded in some small way, I had a part in making that happen...I did after all , teach them to write their name.

Saying Good-bye & closing the school is the hardest thing I have ever done. It's been an amazing 38 years. Teaching preschool has been my passion, my life...Thanks for the opportunity for allowing Me & Young Learners be the first step in your child's education..Thanks for the memories, thanks for the love....

                                                                                  Chrissy Carlson


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