It seems that mostly we write letters to the editor to complain or express our displeasure with something or someone. I'd like to take a moment to thank the Board of Directors of The Kingsburg District Hospital for having the vision and courage to improve what had been a deteriorating situation with the old Kingsburg District Hospital.

The hospital had sat empty for a number of years. The deterioration of vacancy and lack of funds was taking a toll, resulting in losses of property value for both the hospital and the surrounding neighborhood. The future of the facility was grim indeed.

But with the entrance of Crestwood Behavioral Health have come great improvements to both the interior and exterior of the old hospital. Their investment has been substantial, and the improvements are a boon to the neighborhood.

So, I express my thanks to the Kingsburg Hospital Board, to Crestwood, to the Kingsburg Planning Commission and the Kingsburg City Council for having the foresight to resist opposition to change and to make a bad situation much better.

Dave Meyer


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