I would like to applaud the letter written by Mrs. Cynthia Miller. It takes a great deal of courage to publicly list the rather cowardly and despicable actions undertaken by Mr. Lorona in his pursuit of holding on to his spot on the Board.

I am astounded by the lies and innuendo spread by Mr. Orosco. The recall effort is not led and supported by some shadowy cabal of political insiders, but by dedicated and committed members of this community. Recall is not some extralegal procedure forced on an unwilling public, but one established by the constitution of this state. California has a long history of holding its elected officials accountable when they go off the rails.

As for Mr. Orosco’s supposed “accomplishments” as a Board member, I am perplexed. Has he ever voted differently than Mr. Lorona? My impression is that Mr. Orosco has only ever been a rubber stamp for whatever Mr. Lorona wanted done.

This community needs new leadership on the Board so that we can move past this ugly episode. Support Mark Falcon, Andy Montijo and Sara Rodriguez in their bids to rebuild this school district.

Matt Babiarz


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