I hope School Board Vice President Paul Green does not run for school board this year, why? It's been said you will know them by their fruits! Here's Greens,

He voted to give three SUPERINTENDENTS a salary and medical increase of over $30,000 while fencing around our JR. high had been put on hold because of money worries.( Doesn't seem to be kids first here)

Green did not support a mental health committee with parental oversight.

Before the LCAP, Green did not support an oversight budget committee made up of at least 50 percent parents.

Green also voted to defund a local ROP program.

Green supported using our high school security guards in a study hall class (THE ROCK) instead of protecting our kids.

There is no excuse for putting our kids at RISK!

Mr. Green did NOT SUPPORT a football stadium committee last year!!!

Green did not support a full time police officer until last year- almost four years of putting it off!

Green has not supported parameter checks on school site safety plans.

Green has not supported toilet seat covers for our kids.

No support for extra help watching kids outside locker rooms against bullying.

He has not returned any emails to answer any questions by this parent.

Green is NOW afraid to say he supported the recall on sitting board members, if it was right he shouldn't be afraid to talk about it!

Supported the settlement of a famous lawsuit case which cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

All these subjects would put kids first, why did he not support them?

Mr. Green campaigned against a sitting board member in 2014 while being the board president.

In years of sitting with this member one thing is clear, he will never hold anyone accountable in my opinion.

While asking me Roger Orosco to be school board president, he was out helping and supporting the recall election that was based on lies and misinformation at the exact same time. This shows what kind of board member he his!

These are facts and my opinions. More to come for sure.


Concerned Parent,

Roger Orosco


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