OK friends I'm working hard to expose our school board and some city council people for who they are by their voting record and what they have said. They are supposed to represent us. 

School board president Jennifer Winters has said that school board members have their own opinions and shouldn't always vote the same, but she supported and helped the recall because she had a different opinion then three other members. (Hypocrite)

Winters voted to GIVE her husband a new job breaking what WOULD have been a 2-2 tie. Ironically she did not vote for her sister in law because of a conflict of interest, REALLY! (very bad ethics)

  1. She voted to give three superintendents a salary and medical increase in 2014 of over $30,000.
  2. Winters voted against the Jackson elementary school safety fence and does not support any fencing around schools she has mentioned.
  3. Did not support a MENTAL HEALTH COMMITTEE made up of 50 percent parents.
  4.  Did not support an oversight budget committee made up of at least 50 percent parents and community members.
  5. Supported to DEFUND a local ROP program two years in a row.
  6. Supported using our security guards at our HIGH SCHOOL for a study hall class (the rock) instead of protecting our school campus — what they were hired to do.
  7. Did not support a football stadium oversight committee made up of parents.
  8. Did not support a police officer for our JR. high for four years until right before the 2014 election (I wonder why?)
  9. She DOES SUPPORT getting RID of the eight grade promotion!
  10. She did not support the anonymous anti-bullying tip line until everyone else did.
  11. Has not supported toilet seat covers for our kids.
  12. Has not supported parameter checks being put on school site safety plans.
  13. Winters supported the settlement of a famous lawsuit case within our district that cost our school district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you want someone with this record representing you or your kids?

Concerned Parent,

Roger Orosco


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