My name is Mark Falcon and I am running for school board in District 1. I am a lifelong resident of Selma. I recently retired from a career at Costco where I was a union representative and a management coordinator overseeing many employees and operations. I could have bought a house on the east side of town but I have chosen to live on the west side in the same house I grew up in on Park Street. I have coached Selma kids for many years in Little League baseball. I have deep roots in Selma and a very deep connection to the west side.

What has caused me to run for school board is the present situation on the Board. John Lorona, the present School Board Representative of District 1, has had a blank check for too long in this district, running unopposed for so many elections that he forgot he is accountable to the people who ejected him. Because of his personal dislike for the previous superintendent of the Selma Unified School District, the district is now paying two superintendents to do the job of one. This is costing the kids in our schools over $250,000 a needless expense that should be going toward the education of our kids.

It is time for our district to cancel Mr. Lorona’s blank check which has cost this district so much and stand up to elect someone who has the business background and the caring for our kids to do the right thing for Selma’s students, teachers and staff.

Please vote yes on the recall and vote for me if you would like to have a fiscally responsible caring School Board trustee who knows he is accountable to the people and will work hard to listen to the people and do what is right for our kids.


Mark Falcon


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