Just want to chime in on our local situation with our school board in Selma. I’m not a public political person, but I thought I would put in my 2 cents.

The only thing we know is three of the five board members voted the superintendent out of his position. This was done in a legal manner, which was empowered to the school board by the community. I’m sure the three would love to tell their reasons as to why, but they probably know there would be legal repercussions against our school district.

I didn’t see the previous superintendent very upset regarding this decision, which has me wondering, “What really happened?” The three board members let the previous superintendent walk away with a $250,000 severance, which shows to me a compassionate school board. I personally know two of the board members: Paul Green & Roger Orosco. I just want to thank them as well as all other school board members for the countless hours and dedication for a position that I believe is minimally compensated.

I would also like to thank my wife Rosemary, for the 29 years she’s served in the Parents Club (Non Compensated). Congratulations to Mr. Sutton for his new and higher paying superintendent position at Central Unified. Also congratulations to our new Selma Superintendent, Tanya Fisher, for applying and accepting employment here in Selma.

No laws or sins were committed here by our board in this on-going debate between the so called “Good VS. Evil,” as I’ve heard it explained. My opinion is nothing personal against my fellow citizens and friends. I have love for you all and may God bless!! Which also leads me to decide,“NO ON RECALL!!”

John Zapata


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