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A recent flyer regarding Kingsburg Measure B arrived inserted inside a David Valadao campaign piece. This Kingsburg Measure B flyer has Congressman Valadao's picture on it. I was shocked to think he is supporting the sale of our hospital property. Why would he support the people putting out that flyer, Kingsmith Investments, and encourage me to vote that way? From the address on their flyer I learned they aren't from Kingsburg. From what I now know, why would Mr. Valadao want me to agree to sell a $3,000,000 property for $800,000 and end $100,000 of rent each year if the sale goes through.

I called Mr. Valadao's campaign and asked about his support to sell our hospital. His campaign manager notified me "that Congressman Valadao has not taken a position on Measure B. The Congressman gave a flag for the grand opening and the picture and quote is being misrepresented on their campaign flyer."

The Hospital Board is not running the campaign to say that selling the hospital gives us healthcare and a better community. From what I know of this now, if you are not mandated by a court of law to be locked in the hospital, you get no healthcare services at all from the people who want to buy it. The people putting out the flyer used Congressman Valadao's picture to give me a first impression and make me think he was for the sale too. It's deceitful and we deserve better than a misrepresentation to try to trick us.

                                                               Barbara Winslow, CLS, ASCP


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