We just had an election, individuals who did not like the outcome of November's election want you and me to pay for another election to get another outcome. The people spoke last year, they wanted change, accountability, and to really put our kids first. This special interest group has handpicked who they want and is actually running a campaign spending thousands on special consultants among many other things, in my opinion. If the recall is successful this group would be indebted to the special interest group, and for our kids that's sad.

While I have a record of putting kids first, the only thing this special interest group has done is divided our city by misinforming the public. At one meeting, one of these individuals even said in open session that the plan was to get rid of me. Even so, no BOARD member should be pushed into voting a certain way because of a special interest group. They have no plan for our kids, they just want to bring back the status quo. My record will show that I really put kids first, not just talk like they do.

Roger Orosco, School Board Trustee-District #3


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