Another successful and beautiful celebration of Kingsburg’s Swedish heritage has been enjoyed by thousands. “Tack” to the Chamber of Commerce and the hundreds of volunteers who help make this glorious celebration happen. An added advantage was the cooperation from Freyr and absence of Thor!

The former Drottningar, dating back to 1968, felt honored and enjoyed the time to reacquaint and catch up with those “sisters of the crown” in attendance.

A huge “Tusen tack så mycket” shout-out to Kingsburg Historical Society President Gary Nelson and Vice President Ed Morgan for saving the day and providing parade transportation for the former Queens with literally a moment’s notice. Your cooperation and generosity is much appreciated!

A yearly celebration lasting 50 years is truly an accomplishment and the Kingsburg community is fortunate that so many work so hard to keep the vision alive. Tack till alla!


                                                                                  Chris Peterson 


1978 Svenska Festival Drottning