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Well election season is upon us, and the show can be seen on stages large and small, near and far. Thanks to The Recorder for publishing the candidate statements for the Kingsburg City Council. All of the usual platitudes and good intentions are expressed, and that’s as it must be. I note that one candidate addressed with some specificity several issues. As he sees it Measure B deserving of a “no” vote. It is a most interesting issue that needs substantial study, as there are many unanswered questions. That’s to be continued.

However, there is something troubling me about a statement made by Mr. Poyner. He avers that even if the aesthetics of the community should suffer, property rights supersede all other interests. He seems to feel that if it is his property, he is entitled to park all manner of vehicles and presumably may engage in any other unsightly activity at will.

Well, I’m glad I don’t live near that fellow, and I have to say I hope that attitude does not become prevalent. Mr. Poyner also seems to feel our city is deficient in street repair and maintenance. I’ve lived in Kingsburg since 1977. In the last few years, I’ve seen more repairs and repaving on city streets than at any previous time. Is it perfect? No. Is an effort being made to improve and not go into debt? I think the answer is yes.

                                                                                        Dave Meyer


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