Our mayor represents all citizens of Selma, not just his friends and special interest. He has asked me to move on from the recall, I have but the recall was based on lies, speculation and bullying by a certain group of people and special interest.

I will talk about the lies, misleading information, bullying and the people behind it, ALL YEAR! Why? Because it was wrong. Also it will keep our leaders on their toes! Think about this — would you teach your kids to judge people on half a story? Of course not, but that's what happened. The mayor supported something that by law he couldn't know about, so why did he support it? If I remember right I believe he said something like the recall was to right a wrong but does not say what was wrong, that is misleading the public. He is the typical politician, sugar coat everything.

Last year our local paper asked what he was most proud of his first two years, his first response was the animal shelter. Measure S was promised to supplement — not replace — existing public safety funding to expand the level of public safety funds that are available. So what happened? I don't want to hear excuses when our leadership does not keep its word. And mayor of course putting twice as many cops on the street would be effective in fighting crime think about it. I don't blame the mayor for the recall, but he has to be held accountable as the mayor who supported the recall that was based on misleading the public in my opinion.

I think our city needs to start picking our mayor, especially after our mayor pro tem George Rodriguez was bypassed when Robertson voted for himself along with two others. I'll stop here for now due to the word limit constraints that I will respect.

Concerned Citizen and Parent,

Roger Orosco


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