KINGSBURG – For the Birds shop owners have arranged for some musical performances this winter. The remainder of the live performances includes folk and Western Christmas songs and previous ones have featured carolers, clarinets, keyboards and mandolins.

Tim and Johanna Alexander own For the Birds which is located in Kingsburg’s The Village Mall at 1332 Draper St. The performances are Saturdays through Dec. 16.

Ron Jefferson will perform from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 9, and will play a mix of Christmas songs, Western, Americana, gospel and country. The “Impromptu Carolers” performed Dec. 1 with a guitarist and mandolin player as did the R Band duo on Dec. 2. A clarinet ensemble was featured Nov. 25.

Jefferson said he played for school children even before he retired from being an elementary teacher and principal.

“I just love making music, any and all genres. I’ve sung and played guitar most all of my life since elementary school,” he said. Now that he’s retired and became interested in horseback riding, he’s combined the two loves to perform for new audiences.

“I started getting interested in horses and cowboy culture around 1991. I got a horse and got involved in the Backcountry Horsemen of California. This took me into the mountains where I started doing cowboy music for horse and mule folks.”

Jefferson has also performed for community organizations such as the Alta Historical Society in Dinuba, Happy Trails Riding Academy and churches,

“It allows me to continue doing what I love.”

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