KINGSBURG – Kingsburg High sophomore Saneh Kaur Kahlon was approved to serve on Kingsburg’s Community Services Commission as a youth commissioner at the Nov. 15 City Council meeting.

The CSC is an advisory commission that provides recommendations to City Council on parks and recreational activities taking place in Kingsburg.

Kahlon said it’s the people working behind the scenes to make things happen in town that have inspired her to join the Commission.

“Whether it be the long hours spent poring over books donated by countless book drives in the library or the laughs shared with friends and family during festivals and events hosted by local businesses, all [of this] could not have been made accessible to me had it not been for the people working behind the scenes.”

Kahlon has been involved with the Pre-Med Club, Green Club, MESA, Key Club and Ribbons of Hope organizations at Kingsburg High. She also volunteers at the Kingsburg Branch of the Fresno County Library, at Saint Agnes Medical Center and CAPS in both Traver and London.

As an editor with the Key Club, Kahlon said she’ll be able to share information about youth involvement opportunities with Key Clubbers and the local Rotarians with which the club is associated.

Since Key Club members help with such events as Swedish Festival and the opening of the Historic Train Depot’s grand opening, they’re already involved with serving the community, she said.

“These types of service projects enable students to have a hand directly in the city, which I believe is very useful.”

Kahlon said her other volunteering experiences have helped her be aware of the different needs of different age groups in the community. She’s hoping to bring that awareness to the commission to serve all members of town. She’s especially aware of teens’ concerns as she hears their comments when they come to the local library daily after school where she’s volunteering.

“I believe this input would be extremely valuable to the commission as ideas for maximum student resource accessibility could be thought of and implemented.

In sharing her vision for her service on the Commission, Kahlon has a goal of increasing residents’ involvement.

“I see equal footing among people of all ages and opinions being voiced out and listened to. I see a city where no one is afraid to voice out ideas and pitches in here and there,” she said. “I want people to be able to freely assist one another for the goodwill and better quality of life for all.”

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