Even though the idea of making resolutions is said to have started with Babylonians 4,000 years ago, it’s still a common activity at the turn of the year in modern times.

The Babylonians would make promises during an 11-day festival in March to the gods in hopes of earning good favor that year. Most people nowadays are hoping to improve themselves by losing weight, kick a bad habit such as stopping smoking or improve their quality of life by spending more time with their families. Here’s what community members shared about their goals for 2018.

Jane Ono: My New Year’s resolution to recommit to my ‘Miracle Mornings.’ This will cover most of my ways of starting my days out with better health, spiritual growth and mental exercise. By getting up one hour before I need or want to, I can take 10 minutes to be silent and meditate and pray, 10 minutes to say my affirmations, 10 minutes of visualization. I’ll look at my vision board or goal poster to see where I am going, do some form of exercise for 10 minutes to get my blood pumping, read for 10 minutes and then journal in my gratitude journal for 10 minutes. When you do all these things before your day gets started, you can move mountains. Your attitude will change and your decisions will be clear. I’ve done these things a little but I am committing to doing them every day. I would recommend this book ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod to everyone if you want to make some positive changes in your life for your new year.

Jenn Guerra: My New year's resolution is about having more fun, cultivating my joy and nurturing and creating deep meaningful relationships that are supportive, loving and balanced.

Dean Youngblood: To reach more souls for the Kingdom of God.

Dorie Moya: Life is a gift from God. I’m going to appreciate it, live it and enjoy every minute of it.

Abigail Palsgaard: New Year’s resolutions for Brandon and me include working on being healthier, building stronger family ties, getting closer to our faith and focusing on making the most of everyday.

Diane Jensen: My 2018 resolutions are to stop and think before I say ‘yes or ‘no.’ To eat better, start walking and to take better care of myself. To try something new or do something fun at least once a month.

Kingsburg Mayor Michelle Roman: I don’t have any personal New Year’s resolutions. I will be an ‘empty nester’ beginning in the fall so I will have some big changes in my family. For the upcoming year in the City, I am excited for new businesses, restaurants and upgrades to our parks. The City is looking at a new Safety Tax in 2018 and we encourage all residents to take the survey to provide input on it. Our City Council continues to work well together and we look forward to new opportunities for the city in 2018.

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