Forty-four years ago I stood before my family, friends, and pastor to make a life-long commitment. My college girlfriend was about to become my wife. She officially said ‘I DO’ on Feb. 16, 1973, and I too uttered those two life-changing words. It was the second greatest decision I’ve ever made!

The first and greatest decision was to follow Jesus Christ! Many would call me a ‘Christian.’ This word was first used in a city called Antioch, to describe people who decided to follow Christ and it literally means: ‘Christ Follower’.

A true Christian is not merely one who gives ‘mental assent’ to a doctrine or truth because people may agree with God mentally but not necessarily follow him practically. In Craig Groeschel’s book: ‘The Christian Atheist” he identifies those who profess to believe in God on Sunday but live life like they don’t believe in Him throughout the week. This is not true Christianity nor is it the way a Christian is called to live.

My goal in life is to live the Christian life by God’s grace and mercy with a desire to reflect His image to those who are looking for hope, life, freedom, and love. I’m well aware of my failures and realize I fall short of God’s standards – That’s why I’m thankful for the forgiveness God offers through His Son Jesus and very glad He doesn’t expect perfection. His love for us is based on our hearts condition and not totally on our performance.

It has been said that you are today where your decisions have brought you and you will be tomorrow where your decisions take you. The things you say: ‘I Do’ too will direct the path you take, define the future you experience and develop the person you will ultimately become.

Some of the things I have said ‘I Do’ too, may be considered ‘Stupid.’ I often tell people that I own a lake called ‘stupid’ and every once in a while I go for a swim. How about you?

Here a top 10 list of decisions that prove to be anything but stupid.

10. I will leave everything a little better than I found it.

9. I will listen and think before I speak. After all, God gave us two ears and one mouth.

8. I will measure people by the size of their hearts, not the size of their bank accounts.

7. I will not give up on anyone because miracles happen every day.

6. I will be a person of my word. What I say, I will do.

5. I will get the plank out of my own eye before I try to get the splinter out of the eye of another.

4. I will take responsibility for my own life rather than blame someone else.

3. I will praise God in the midst of all things.

2. I will love my neighbor as myself.

1. I will love the Lord my God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my mind.

When I said the big ‘I DO’ over four decades ago, little did I realize that this decision would start a journey lasting a lifetime. I encourage you to ask God for His advice and wisdom before you make any major decisions because you never know where your “I Do’s” will lead you.

Pastor Tim Howard is the lead pastor at Koinonia Church. Any comments can be sent to: