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20 Years Ago

It is hard to imagine that with all of the rain, our Valley’s agriculture is facing a drought of catastrophic proportions. This drought will not be the result of an act of God, but rather of man. The Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA), better known as the Miller-Bradley law, has effectively put into place a mechanism that will, piece by piece, disassemble over the next decade what has taken Valley residents nearly a century to build. Our Valley’s agriculture, and therefore our economy, is directly dependent upon the Central Valley Project; a series of reservoirs and canals that provide our growers with the water they need to grow crops in this semi-arid desert we call home. Thanks to the CVPIA, 800,000 acre feet, enough water to grow 270,000 acres of cotton, grapes, almonds, or other Valley crops, has been permanently denied to farmers. Most recently, the Federal Bureau of Reclamation has released its “Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement” for the CVPIA along with its recommendations on how to implement the mandates of the act. Among the recommendations is the elimination of cotton, rice, and irrigated pasture (alfalfa and the like) as Valley crops. In addition, that 440,000 acres of Valley land be permanently removed from production. … Members of Congress from the valley actually voted for this. Farmers are now fighting a losing battle…

30 Years Ago

A delightful evening is in store for playgoers attending the Lemoore Cultural Arts Festival’s first dinner theater program Friday and Saturday. Co-sponsored by the Cotton Mill Restaurant, the evening’s entertainment will begin with a delicious meal and segue into the wonderfully funny Neil Simon comedy, “Barefoot in the Park.” Cost of the night’s outing in the Bale Yard Room is $15 per person and includes dinner, show, tax and gratuity. The cast of characters includes Marie Wilder, John Davis, Jean Herbeck, Jan Trimmer. Larry Wilkinson, and Steve Kech.

The Lemoore Street Tree Committee will hold an Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony to kick off a tree planting project on Hanford-Armona Road which is being funded by the Hanford Garden Club.

45 Years Ago

The staff of Commander Attack Carrier Air Wing 5, the Blue Blazers of Attack Squadron 93 and the Champions of Attack Squadron 56, returned home as 11 pilots came back to Lemoore for the first time since they left the previous April. Following the pilots’ return, enlisted men returned to NAS Lemoore by bus after their ship, the USS Midway, docked at Alameda. Originally scheduled to depart from NASL on May 25, 1972, the three units found themselves deploying seven weeks early in response to the North Vietnamese invasion of South Vietnam. During this extended deployment the air wing and the Midway spent more than 200 days on the line – more than any since the beginning of the air war in Vietnam. The Midway and elements of the air wing were the first Navy combatants to return to the United States since the signing of the Peace Treaty in January 1973.

75 Years Ago

(From cutline under photo) A view of the front portion of the new brick building at the Kings County Creamery Association, which houses modern equipment for the production of powdered milk. The recently completed structure brings to Lemoore its newest industry, processing “food for freedom”, since a high percentage of the dry milk produced here will be used for needed war-time demands.

A “Victory Garden” Dance is slated for Friday’s entertainment at the local USO. Misses Margaret Murphy and Vera Huffman are in charge of the decorations for the affair, which promises to be a novel event.

90 Years Ago

The first work on the proposed plan to beautify the unsightly property within the city limits as suggested by the Chamber of Commerce took place on the corner of Fox and C streets opposite the City hall with the planting of poppy seeds.

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115 Years Ago

The Italian-Swiss Colony Company will put in railroad scales at their winery in Lemoore, and will be prepared to receive the grape product at any railroad point this coming season.

From the archives of the Lemoore Advance and other past Lemoore publications.

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