One of the best ways to prevent fire in the home is to do a home inspection specifically looking for the fire hazards or preparing for emergency measures in case of a fire. Inspect your home one section at a time:


• Smoke detectors should be tested regularly to be sure they are functioning correctly.

• Have a working flashlight next to each bed.

• Again, check for overloaded outlets, extension cords and heaters that are too close to combustible items.

• Each member of the family should know what to do in the event of a fire.

• Do all family members know the fire escape plan?

• Plan two escapes from each bedroom in case of a fire.

• If you smoke, DO NOT smoke in bed.

Fire Safety Tips are prepared by Fire Captain Matthew Rowe of the Hanford Fire Department. Become a fan of the HFD by clicking “like” at the HFD on Twitter at