Am I the only one who has problems reading the closed captions that run across the bottom of TV screens? Or when you're watching a video or screening a movie and they flash something in writing on the screen, its so fast that I always miss the last few words. It's exasperating! I'm beginning to think I'm brain deficient or something. But in my defense I'm getting older and I do soothe it away by thinking to myself,"my body is getting slower and my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be". "But Leapin' lizards!" "I'm not so ancient that I can't read the headline on the front page of a news paper when it flashes on the screen, am I?" By the time my brain realizes it's there and I focus on it, it's gone! Is it there to make us feel stupid? Or is there a conspiracy among all the fast thinkers and readers in the world against the rest of us? They've got surveillance cameras everywhere watching us, don't they? Maybe they're all watching us somehow, laughing their heads off, as we frown, cuss, throw our snacks in the air and spill sodas and beers everywhere in frustration! Or maybe I really am a Slow Reader. I do tend to take my time when I'm reading. I like to think about what I see as I'm actually reading. Sort of like I'm running my own little movie in my head while I'm watching the actual video on my tablet. My mind works that way. Maybe that's my malfunction.

Cheryl Van Wye


Welcome 2017. The Presidential Election is over. Maybe now our country, the good old USA, can get back to business. The election was won by the popular vote of the people, but awarded to the winner by the Electoral College. I have never seen or heard of an election by both parties fighting to bare knuckles while running for the Presidential Office. They were like two people arguing with each other with a chip on their shoulder and daring each other to be the first one to knock it off. Like two young kids calling each other names, liar, crooked thieves, using filthy language and trying to get each other to say and answer what they wanted to hear and get them into trouble. They used filthy language and face motions and exaggerated actions about there lives and beliefs. No matter what happened, we have a new President and a new cabinet and advisers. Let's pray to God that 2017 will turn out to be positive. Lets hope that the two parties can come together and make good decisions for all, rich and poor. To make our country the leader with respect and peace among all the countries in the world. Remember what Teddy Roosevelt said, "Carry a big stick and you can have peace, not like a bully trying to push other countries around. They should sit down and discuss what is going on in Russia, China, Korea and Iran.

Lawrence (Candy) Valdez

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