Minivans are extremely practical, but most would agree that they are severely lacking in the “cool” department. Jeremy Clarkson, a host of the prolific motoring show “Top Gear,” is not hesitant to express his disdain for the minivan, nicknamed a “people-carrier” in the U.K.. By Clarkson’s logic, there are plenty of other options for shuttling children that are safer, better to drive and a little more exciting to show to your friends.

The car experts at AxleGeeks had to agree, and set out to find the best new cars for “soccer moms” who want something practical, but with a bit more sex appeal than the minivan. We ranked the 10 best SUVs of 2016 using Graphiq Smart Ratings, leveraging data from Only base models with standard third row seating were considered for the list. In the event of a smart ratings tie, the car with the lower MSRP was ranked higher.

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