The best SUVs combine sportiness and utility into one vehicle; a versatile and practical choice for motorists who want the qualities of a car and a truck rolled into one. More than ever before, SUVs and crossovers of all kinds offer luxury comforts and rugged performance, ideal for people of all ages and families of all sizes.

However, no SUV would be complete without some cost-saving fuel efficiency for trips both long and short. Finding one that sips gas (rather than guzzling it) doesn’t have to be difficult. The experts at AxleGeeks, a transportation research site powered by Graphiq, took a look at the base models of each gas-powered 2016 SUV and ranked them according to the best combined city and highway miles per gallon. When ties occur, SUVs are ordered by price.

Take a look at the top 10 most fuel-efficient SUVs that strike a perfect chord between practicality and gas economy.

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